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At QGC Professional Painting, we specialize in high-quality exterior or interior paint jobs. The products we use are unparalleled quality and we focus on prep-work to ensure the duration of the paint job.


We do interior too! Schedule a free estimate to arrange color consultation, test patches, and more!


We understand that sometimes paint doesn't always stick how it should. This is why we want to service you with up to 8 year warranties to provide the best long term customer support possible!



It is critical for wood and stucco be painted frequently. We recommend painting before bare wood appears through the paint or stain. Our paint jobs are guaranteed to last and you won't have to paint again for 10+ years. We focus on high-quality prep work and paint to ensure the paint jobs last as long as possible. Standard warranties apply for up to 6 years!

Liability Insurance and Worker's Comp

We are fully insured with our $1,000,000 liability insurance policy on every paint job we do and full worker's comp to ensure the homeowner's ultimate protection!

Quality Products

With our partnership with Sherwin-Williams and Hallman/Lindsay, we ensure quality products at a discounted price. Thousands of color choices are at your disposal so we can find your perfect scheme!

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